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I've been wearing these sneakers nonstop since last year because they're so comfy and go with everything. I highly recommend getting a pair if you've been wanting to try the ugly sneaker/ dad sneaker trend because you'll find yourself wearing them more than you thought and also they're not expensive at all. I ended up getting mine for around $40 from DSW. I believe they're around $65 originally but you can get them for a good deal on there because they're always running promotions.

Also, do yourself a favor and size up 1 full size in these. They definitely run SMALL. I ordered my usual 6 the first time and they were so tight I could barely fit my foot inside and much less walk in them. I exchanged them for a 6.5 and they fit so much better but still snug. I decided to keep them because I'm impatient (had lots of outfits planned with these babies) and I figured they would stretch out with wear. They fit fine now but I know a 7 would've been ideal.

Anyway, I think what makes them so comfy is how chunky they are. Another thing to note with these is that if you wear the little no show socks, they will most likely do that annoying thing where they fall off the back of your foot. My friend got a pair recently and she was asking me what kind of socks I wear because she can't seem to get any to stay up on her foot lol... the struggle is so real. I think you either have to find an amazing pair of no show socks (if you know of any, please let me know! lol) or you could wear socks that hit above your ankle because I'm really loving that look right now. Or just wear no socks if you're into that.

If you're feeling a little more spendy and want another amazing chunky sneaker option, I adore the Balenciaga triple s sneakers! I hear nothing but great things about those and I would love to buy them, maybe eventually...

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  1. Beautiful stylization with massive sports shoes !!
    Plus, these beautiful fishnets !!


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