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lulus spring picks, seashell jewelry, puffy sleeve dress, cork heel sandals

I'm so ready for spring if you guys haven't already been able to tell by my outfits on my instagram. I just ordered a few pieces from Lulus for spring and I wanted to share them with you guys because they're so good and I'm sure they'll sell out fast! In fact, the dress already sold out in one size since I ordered it 2 days ago.

I'm really into anything with puffy sleeves. I've been seeing them everywhere and it's such a cute girly detail. So I immediately added that dress to my cart because how could I not?!! Next piece I ordered is the cork sandals and they were still available in my size so I had to snatch those up quick! I've seen this style of heel all over instagram and have been wanting to find a pair for so long. These are really affordable and just perfect for spring and summer. The last two pieces are jewelry and I'm dying at how cute they are. I've seen girls wearing the seashell bracelets and necklaces and I'm in love with the look. It's beachy and fun! Those are all my picks and I can't wait to get them in to show you guys. 
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Big thank you to Lulus for allowing me to be one of their brand ambassadors yet again!

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