Warby Parker Home Try On #2


warby parker home try on review haskell, eugene, welty, olive, laurel
laurel | haskell | welty | eugene oliver  (clockwise from left)

Earlier this year I did another Warby Parker home try-on. I never ended up posting the photos on here because I didn't get my glasses from them but I know my last home try-on helped a lot of you guys out so I figured I should post them anyways. 

The main reason I wanted to do the home try on is that I fell in love with their Eugene glasses in the rose crystal. They're just so beautiful...I have no words. I needed to know how I looked with a pair of clear frames so I went ahead and filled up my box with 4 other styles. Warby Parker has the most stylish collection of eyeglasses so it was hard to narrow down but I did it! 

warby parker eugene glasses rose crystal | home try on

The Eugenes were totally my aesthetic! They photograph beautifully... *me thinking of all the cute flat lays I could create* And they made me feel so chic! But I wasn't sure they'd be good for everyday wear and I kinda feel like they looked big on me. **Just realized they carry a smaller version of this style!!** If I could have multiple pairs of eyeglasses these would definitely make it into my collection. That's what I love about the home try on, you can try it before you commit!

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried glasses from Warby Parker?

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