Levi's 501 Love & Wishlist


Lately I'm loving jeans that have a looser fit to them like my Levi's 501 skinny jeans. I first bought them a few months ago because I wanted to try out a different fit from what I was used to. I've been wearing super skinny jeans for years now and I was ready for something new. Plus, I love how all my favorite fashion bloggers wear their looser fitting denim! I created a little collage to serve as some inspo for you all - straight from Pinterest

Since then I've been dreaming about buying my second pair of 501 skinny jeans. I finally bought them and now I'm just impatiently waiting for the mailman to drop them off. If you're curious, this is the pair I ordered. I also wanted to let you guys know that Levi's is having a 25% off sale for the long weekend, just use code 25OFF. The pair I ordered is on sale plus I was able to use the 25% off on top of that! Score! Next I'd love a pair of lighter wash jeans. I love the 501 skinny in the sound visions wash!

What's your favorite style from Levi's? 


  1. I never really liked jeans much until recently and I love the inspo you've got here. They're such classics.

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