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When it comes to working out I need all the motivation I can get. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working out because it has so many benefits. I love how it uplifts my mood and clears my mind but getting started is the hard part! One thing I do find gets me to the gym is new workout gear. Whenever I have new activewear I'm always so eager to use it. It's maybe not the cheapest way to motivate myself but hey it works! 

Something I want to do is buy more colorful and fun pieces. Usually, my outfit will consist of black leggings, black sneakers, and a black/grey/white t-shirt. Sooo I made a wishlist. Right now I'm really loving light blue and yellow. I think I'll stick with black leggings but with interesting details like these. Also, these sneakers have been on my mind for weeks now. They're out of my size right now, unfortunately. They would be perfect for wearing outside of the gym too. One thing I don't have and need is a reusable water bottle. I love the fun, bright color of the hydroflask. I bought one of these for my dad last year and he loves it. He uses it almost daily and it still looks great.

workout motivation wishlist




  1. I find new gym gear really helps you work harder in the gym for some reason! This post has made me want to treat myself to some new goodies! x

    1. Yes! We should both treat ourselves to new gym gear :D


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