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When I went in for my yearly eye exam last month I realized it was time for a new pair of glasses. Warby Parker has always been in the back of my mind for years when thinking about new frames so I ordered a box of my favorite styles to try on at home. They have a super stylish selection and the best part is they start at $95...   Now the hard part is deciding which pair to order. My top 3 favorites are 2, 4, & 5. I'd love your opinions and let me know if you've tried Warby Parker :)

2019 UPDATE: they don't carry 1 or 5 anymore so I found similar ones and will link those!

What I'm wearing: Madewell vest & H&M top 


  1. 3) is my favorite for you :)

    1. Thanks for your opinion :) It's going to be really hard to decide!

  2. Which did you choose? I like the Ripley!

    1. Those are really cute! I decided on the chelsea but still haven't ordered them. :)


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