Summer Rings


Hi guys! Recently I found the cutest jewelry at h&m. Wearing a lot of rings isn't usually my thing but right now I'm super into mixing them up and stacking them on. Summer is the perfect season to experiment with and have more fun with jewelry in my opinion. I also found a set of earrings that I had wanted to buy a few weeks back but I didn't and to my surprise they were on sale for $1! I haven't worn earrings in so long! When I was younger I always wore earrings ( I showered and slept in them too!) but then a few years ago I realized that I would always lose one of them so I got disappointed and completely stopped wearing any. But it's time to start wearing them again and if I lose any of these I won't be too sad since they were so inexpensive. 


  1. Lovely rings, and nice photos too xoxo


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