What I wore to work


I quickly snapped these photos yesterday after getting home from work. I love wearing black jeans but lately they have been feeling too dark for me. It's been really hot and humid the last few days and black just makes me feel hotter haha not sure if that makes sense. I wore a long sleeve shirt with open shoulders so that I wouldn't be get cold but the shoulders balance it out so I'm not completely covered. And I felt my outfit looked really grey and boring so I added a super lightweight scarf to make it a bit more intersting. 

Zara jeans similar here Ross top this one is so cute! Converse shoes here  |Boutique bracelets |Target scarf

I tried some heatless curls on my hair a few nights ago and the results were okay. I used my flat iron to smooth out the hair that frames my face and left the rest on the messier side. I'm going to give it another try and see if I can make the curls look more defined. I think some hair mousse would work really well for this. Good night for now!

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