Ice cream weather


This past weekend I went downtown to my favorite little shop to enjoy some ice cream for the first time this year. It was actually so hot that my ice cream started melting and got all over my hand before I could even get halfway through it. Not only was it all over my hand but it dripped onto my shoes and pants... haha I felt like a little kid again!

Now the weather completely changed. It's rainy and chilly outside. But I won't complain too much because that means I can still wear knits/long sleeves, jeans, and sneakers ( my favorite combo) without feeling sweaty hahah :)


  1. Eat ice cream outside is the dream ! I miss the beautiful weather too. 2:11 am I think I'll go to sleep ;D

    1. Yes, it's the best! I'm looking forward to doing that more often :) Thanks for commenting Tatiana! x


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