new year, new watch


I have finally found a beautiful watch that fits all of my requirements.
• pale gold tone - not overly yellow
• subdials
• quality without a huge price tag
• not too small but also not too bulky on my wrist

It arrived at my house yesterday and I was so excited to finally wear it that I (kinda) DIYed a tool to resize it myself. Anybody else get impatient to wear things they just bought? Anyways, now it fits perfectly and it has been glued to my wrist since!

In case anybody is wondering it's called the 'perfect boyfriend' watch by fossil (available at Nordstrom here.) Fossil also makes it in rose gold and silver in case gold is not the color for you!
What do you think about my new watch? Do you prefer gold, silver, or rose gold tone watches?


  1. I literally thought to myself around Christmas: "I need to invest in a nice watch." Well now you've pushed me to the edge, I should go get one this weekend! Haha! Thank you for sharing, have a happy weekend!

    Xo Melissa

    1. Yes you should totally go buy one! I'm in love with my new watch and it goes with just about everything. Have a happy weekend too Melissa :) x

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, dear!
    This watch is amazing! I'm a little bit jealous!



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