my weekend diary


Goodbye January. I'm happy that tomorrow is the beginning of  a fresh new month. Closer to spring, summer, sunshine, flowers, happiness, fresh berries, ice cream... I think my body has been missing being outside and taking in fresh air and warm sunshine. On Saturday it was a lot warmer than it has been so I went to the park for a walk. After I felt a lot more peaceful, calm, and happier actually. I should do this more often. I took pictures from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and threw them all together in this post. Not my best weekend but thankfully tomorrow is a new week... and a new month! Good night! xx


  1. świetny szalik, super look i piękne zdjęcia! Czym je robisz? :)
    zapraszamy w wolnej chwili :)

    1. Hi Em, I used the google translator to understand your comment so maybe I didn't get it completely haha. But thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) x

  2. Very inspiring!


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