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This weekend before the snow storm hit I stopped by tj maxx and found these two sweaters on the clearance rack. I was most excited about the turtleneck because it will keep my neck so cozy and warm without the need for a scarf! I went for a size large because I like my sweaters to fit on the looser side and the style of this is more fitted. The other sweater has more of a draped collar and it's loose and long enough to cover my butt so it will go great with leggings! :)

♥  Other small things that I've recently bought are two girly books from the thrift store, a light scarf that will be great for the spring and summer, and a notebook to jot down all my lists + blog ideas.

♥ Sundays breakfast: buckwheat, banana, and chia pancakes topped with maple syrup and frozen blueberries. I need to make these more often, they were delicious! I tried a new energizing + immune system boosting drink: water, apple cider vinegar, cayenne powder, and chia seeds.

How has your Monday been?


  1. What great finds!! How has the storm been for you so far..?? And how is the new drink? I've been hearing so much about apple cider vinegar but I'm kind of intimidated because it's got a prettyy strong smell...

    Xo Melissa
    Cherish & Bloom

    1. The storm wasn't too bad here so that was good! The drink is nice! The taste and smell is definitely something you have to get used to haha. I think it would taste better with just lemon juice instead of the vinegar but I like drinking acv because I find it's good for my skin.

  2. Lovely sweaters. I love getting new notebooks to write down ideas in!

    xx Chelsea

    1. Thank you Chelsea! I have a little obsession with notebooks and pens! :)


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