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I have a different kind of post today. I wanted to share websites/apps that I use/have used to earn gift cards, paypal cash, and other rewards. They all require very little to no effort and they don't take too much time out of my day and that's what I like about them. Just as a reminder, you probably won't earn a lot of money from these, just enough to have a little extra cash every now and then.



This is my current favorite way to earn extra money. I think it might even be the easiest! Basically, you sign up and add their cash back button to your browser. Once you've installed it on your browser the little button notifies you when you're on a shopping website that offers cash back. Before you make your purchase you click on the little button to activate the cash back and then it takes you back to the website you were shopping on so you can complete your purchase. And voila easy money! Also, you can get paid through paypal which is awesome and quick! So far, I've earned about 27 dollars so I definitely recommend you try it. You can sign up here.

Opinion Outpost
This is a survey website where you get points for taking surveys on a variety of different subjects. I used to use it but I don't anymore because some of the surveys I got took longer than I wanted to spend taking a survey. But if you have time to spare this might be for you. You can sign up here.


Receipt Hog
In this app you snap a picture of your receipts from stores like target, dollar tree, hobby lobby walmart, etc. Then you will either get awarded coins or spins for each receipt. It takes quite a bit of time and receipts for you to get enough coins to cash out but it's simple enough that I don't mind doing it.

This one is easy to use too! You just scan your walmart receipt and wait a few days for the app to find any lower prices from competitors on the items you bought. If they find any lower prices you get the difference and it gets put onto a gift card account that you can use toward future purchases.  It's great if you shop at walmart often! I don't, but I still like to have it for when I do since the money I earn on this app tends to be used on trying new mascara / other drugstore makeup.

In this app you can earn gift cards and other rewards by walking into stores and scanning items in stores. I don't use it often since I tend to forget about opening up the app right before I'm about to walk into a store and I get too lazy to search the store for products to scan.

This is the newest app that I've fallen in love with! If you enjoy reading about natural health and beauty tips then this app is for you. Not only do you learn new things from the daily challenges but you also get rewarded with cool products.

Google Opinion Rewards
This is another one of my favorite apps that I use often. In this app you answer short little surveys, they are usually less than 30 seconds long, and you get awarded anywhere from zero to 80 cents per survey. The only thing is you can only use your balance in the google play store. This is great because I get to try out new apps + buy filters from the vsco store haha.

Let me know if you end up trying any of these or if you already use them! :)

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