khaki trenchcoat


After a long 5 day weekend/break I'm ready to get back on a schedule tomorrow. Friday I missed class for a chiropractor appt- my neck was killing me! (Note to self: don't stretch too hard in the mornings when you have just woken up.) My neck was literally slanted to the right and turning to the left was nearly impossible. But I'm happy to say that my neck is almost 100% now! :D

Btw, I'm super excited for September! I'm loving the glimpse of the cool fall weather in the mornings and the leaves are beginning to fall. Autumn feels like a new beginning to me and gives me so much new inspiration and motivation. So of course I needed to write up a new post for my blog! This outfit is from August but fits perfectly for September weather!

 Trenchcoat Dresslink similar here or here
Top F21 similar here or here
Pants H&M similar here or here
Shoes H&M similar here or here

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