Black + Tartan


This is one of the rare occasions where I'm wearing a dress. I much prefer a pair of jeans to a dress on most days because it's much more comfortable to me. I wore my favorite black dress I got last year from Target that has a cute cutout on the back. And my black boots that I have been getting more use out of in this past week. It looked a little boring though so I tied a tartan shirt around my waist which brings more color to my outfit and looks kinda cool in my opinion! What do you think? xx



  1. Love the tiny cutout at the back!! And this post really reminded me of my need for a simple back dress. Anyways, loved the outfit <3 A little tartan really made everything better

    BCfactor Blog

    1. I love it too :) Yes, everyone needs a black dress! Thank you for commenting Bea! xx

  2. You look great, the shirt is just perfect :)


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