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back to school breakfast ideas
back to school breakfast ideas
 My go-to breakfast lately is 1-2 slices of toasted bread with a layer of cream cheese and then topped with tomato and cucumber slices, sprouts (love alfalfa but broccoli is good too, or both!), and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt. This would taste so good with avocado too! I feel like the combinations are endless and it's such an effortless yet nutritious breakfast. I know this will be a life saver when I go back to classes next week. Any of you also heading back to school/college?

Another breakfast must-have for me is a glass of kombucha! It is soo good for you, especially your gut because of all the probiotics so I like starting my morning with a nice glass of this before I drink anything else. After I'll just drink what I would normally have with my breakfast, either water or a cup of tea. My favorite morning teas right now are Yogi Detox and  Buddha Teas Saffron + Green Tea.

back to school breakfast ideas

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