What's In My Bag?


Quilted Chain Bag Forever 21
Bag Forever 21 (similar here and here)
I don't know what it is about what's in my bag posts/videos but they're so interesting to me. I thought I would do my own and show you what I carry in mine, it basically stays the same but I switch out products, like for example a different lip balm, etc. 
Whats in my bag
 1. Eyeglasses. I only wear these when I really need them, for example when I'm driving or when I need to see something far away... You may be wondering why I don't just get contacts.. But I can't stand the thought of putting something into my eye and wearing it all day so it's not gonna happen.
2. Eye drops. I love my computer but, it's not very nice to my eyes after a while.
3. Cash and loose change. A necessity when your favorite ice cream shop only takes cash...
4. Notebook and pen. I use this for writing blog ideas/thoughts/doodling on the go. Btw, erasable pens are the best!
5. Rings, hair things, and crystal. I think most of the time my rings are sitting in my bag rather than on my hands haha.
6. Phone charger.
7. Cards. Important ones like my froyo punch card, as you might be able to see I have two more punches left til I can get one free :D
8. Deodorant. I have been using meow meow tweets baking soda free for a little over a month now and I loved it at first, but now I'm not too sure.
9. Lip things. Minty lip balm from my last post and nars lip pencil.
10. Hand sanitizer.
Rose quarts, acure dark chocolate mint lip balm, nars lip pencil, rohto cool eye drops


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    1. Thank you Michèle I love it too :)

  2. Oh I love your notebook! It is so adorable : ) I am such a sucker for nice notebooks.
    Céline blogging on http://smultronstaellen.blogspot.de/

    1. Me too! Target has the cutest ones :)


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