Week Diary + Outfit


thrifted shirt
cutoff shorts made by yours truly :)
forever 21 sandals
Late breakfast while catching up on my favorite show. Anyone else love pll? I can't wait for next weeks episode!
My diet has consisted of smoothies and soft foods since Thursday when I had some teeth extracted. It wasn't that bad until I ran out of bananas the next day, now what was I supposed to eat? I stocked up on bananas and mangoes but now I'm waiting on them to ripen...
Mascara shopping at walmart. I tried it on in the car after buying it and I posted it on snapchat (follow me: simplyynancy) and I'm wearing it again today. It's such a good mascara and it was only $7 at walmart...yassss!
Gotta follow dentist orders and eat soft food only so lots of veggie lo mein for me....hehe kidding :)


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