My Shower Routine


Inspired by all the shower routine videos on youtube I decided to do my own version to share the products and steps I take before, during, and after my shower. Hope you like it :)

1. Brushing out my hair is a must because there is nothing worse then shampooing tangled hair and watching all of your hair go down the drain. And then feeling like you're going bald. Then I use a body brush to dry brush my entire body (I only do this step for morning showers) to exfoliate and get my lymphatic system going.
2. Then I hop in the shower and stand in the water just thinking about life things and waiting for my hair to get fully wet before I shampoo.  I use shea moisture's manuka honey shampoo that I still love. The price is good ($10-$12 I think), it lasts a long time, it smells SO good, and it works well on my hair. By the way, I don't use conditioner. Some may think that's weird, but I have found that my hair doesn't need it so why spend more money on some haha. That being said, I have been thinking of picking one up though just for when I need extra moisture. 

While my hair is shampooing I use the calia body wash on a bath pouf to cleanse my body. I added my own essential oils and it smells wonderful and relaxing :)

The last thing I do is shave my legs because it's a lot easier when my skin has been exfoliated and the hair has been soaking for a while and this way I get a smoother shave. 
3. Once I'm out of the shower I pat most of the water off my skin and while my skin is still damp I moisturize using lotion or body oils. My favorites are almond oil, calia lotion, and clarins body oil.

4. And lastly I moisturize my face with the calia rose cream. I also brush out my hair while it's still wet. I know I've read it's not good to brush your hair while it's soaking wet but it's totally necessary for my hair because when it dries it will be a wavy mess if I don't.

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