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I made a list of the products that I find myself using and loving every morning lately. From what I like to drink to start my mornings, to my favorite beauty and oral hygiene products.
Buddha Tea Saffron and Green Tea
Buddha Teas - Saffron & Green Tea
I like drinking some type of tea with my breakfast every morning, lately it has been this delicious green tea with saffron. Green tea is one of my favorite teas because it has a lot of health benefits (you should google them) and it has some caffeine to give me a little energy boost. The beautiful vibrant golden color of the tea comes from the saffron, a spice that comes from flower stigmas. This tea is delicious by itself and even more so with honey but I have to admit that I am even more in love with the gorgeous color hehe :D

Btw I have to mention that I'm really impressed by the quality of this brand. They leave a lot of unnecessary things out of their teas like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, they don't use GMO's, and their tea bags are bleach free....awesome! You can check out their enormous selection of teas on their website, Buddha Teas.
Buddha Tea Saffron and Green Tea

Buddha Tea Saffron and Green Tea
Loooove when teas have quotes :)
Ozone Factory Ozonated Olive Oil Hemp Seed Oil
Ozone Factory Ozonated Hemp Seed Oil
Ozone Factory Ozonated Oil
On my face, I like using this magical hempseed oil. Not really magical but it works really well to get rid of breakouts and random pimples quickly. This is because of the ozone in it, basically oxygen but with a third atom......okay guys I wasn't very good at chemistry but something like that. The smell reminds me of cucumbers for some reason, it's fresh but strong. Sometimes it's a little overpowering but if it works well then I'm not complaining. You can also ingest it, but I'm not quite ready to try that haha.You can find it on their website, Ozone Factory. Here's a 10% discount code that came in my order in case any of would like to try it. Code: OZONEFRIEND10

Living Libations Healthy Gum Drops
These little drops have totally changed my oral hygiene! I use one drop on my dental floss, one drop in my salt water rinse, one drop on my toothbrush, one drop as a breath freshner......seriously one drops is all you need for so many things! My mouth has never felt as clean and actually fresh, not just masked by menthol and other ingredients. Which reminds me that I should look for a new toothpaste... Available at  Living Libations.

Acure Dark Chocolate Mint Lip Balm
Acure Dark Chocolate Mint Argan Oil Lip Balm
Acure Dark Chocolate + Mint Lip Balm
Lip balm is always a must in the mornings for me....and throughout the day! This one is actually perfect right after brushing my teeth because it has a minty-tingly sensation and it tastes like spearmint gum, making my mouth feel even cleaner! Available here.

What do you think of my daily essentials, do you have any similar ones to mine?


  1. Oeh! That chocolate-mint balm sounds good! And teabags with quotes; that makes it so much better!

    1. Right!? I totally love reading the quotes :) Thanks Monique!


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