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I have been really into editing my instagram pictures with vsco. I was obsessed with afterlight for a while but now I'm back to vsco. Leave me a comment below on what your favorite picture editing app for insta is!:) Oh and feel free to leave your usernames so I can check you out!

1. My favorite nail combo- essie sand tropez topped with a light shimmery pink, it's perfect!
2. Mornings. I always have a hard time deciding what to eat for breakfast but it's always the same, avocado on toast or oatmeal. I really need to find some other breakfast ideas!
3. Air plants! How cool does this air plant wall look?! I really wanted to buy one but I couldn't think of where I would put it so I decided not to...
4. Beautiful pink cosmo! Flowers are one of my absolute favorite things, pink ones are even better!!
5. Calia natural. I was sent these lovely products from a giveaway I won ( still can't believe I won!?) and I haven't showed them on the blog but I will soon!
6. My rosemary hair rinse recipe. I have been using it after every hair wash and I will probably keep it up for the summer. Love it! Have you tried it?

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup of instagram posts because I know I always enjoy these types of posts. Next time I will try to include pictures that haven't been on my instagram too. If you haven't already, follow me @simplynancyblog  Have a lovely evening everyone! <3

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