Smooth Healthy Skin With Rice Flour


I wanted to share a little tip about face scrubs. Many years ago when my love for DIY skincare treatments was growing I discovered how awesome sugar was for exfoliating my face. It was great but after a while my skin was not feeling as great as in the beginning. I figured out that the sugar was way too abrasive for how often I was using it ( I just couldn't get enough of the smooth face feeling hhehe) Soon after that I discovered rice flour. It is much finer and in my opinion less abrasive than sugar-it depends on the coarseness of sugar you use. I instantly fell in love and started combining it with other healthy natural products to create an even more wonderful exfoliant. I shared my rice flour face scrub recipe on my blog last year if you want to check it out.

Now I only exfoliate my face with a scrub about 1-4 times a month. It sounds like a little bit but I use a face brush to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells too. I like limiting the use of abrasive products on my face because it is a sensitive area and an over exfoliated face causes skin problems too. 

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