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1&2 I stopped by ross after my dentist appointment and picked up these two shirts. I'm surprised I found any clothing that I liked because I usually don't like anything.

3 I was hoping to see some cute kimonos like this one that I saw a few months back but decided not to pick up. It had a cute elephant print and was really light...would be perfect right now!

4 I received my healthy gum drops from living libations this week. I was way too excited to floss that night haha and I hate flossing! It's a mix of amazing anti-bacterial + anti-fungal essential oils that are supposed to keep your teeth and gums super healthy.I think I might do a seperate post on it. ♥ it!

5 Picked up a bath sponge because they make bodywash lather up SO much better than a cloth.

6 Ice cream is the best treat after going to the dentist, right? I bought the ice cream with the intention of eating it in the car on my way home ( don't want it to melt hehe) But I needed a spoon so I went on a search for one and lucky me I found a bunch of loose silverware at the world market ( target only had sets of silverware) So now I have a cute little spoon that I will probably use to eat ice cream from now on... :)


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