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I have a few new skincare products that I got some weeks ago. They are from the brand Calia. I actually won a giveaway that they were doing through their instagram and I couldn't believe it! I have wanted to try their shampoo for a long time ever since Sarah, a youtuber, mentioned it in one of her videos. I didn't win shampoo but now I can get a good feel for the quality of their products if I ever decide to buy some, since they are located in canada and shipping is a little more expensive.
The nice thing about a lot of these products is that they are fragrance free so that you can customize them with essential oils that go well with you skin type or leave them as they are.
I have been using this lotion after every shower because I do have very dry skin, especially on my legs, that tends to get itchy if I don't use a good moisturizer. This makes my legs feel very smooth and it dries really quickly once I rub it in really well, so I don't have to wait a while before I can put my clothes on.

This cream is great for night time use! It's rich but lightweight, perfect to use as an overnight treatment to wake up with super soft hands and feet. I find it to be a really nice day + night face cream too.

Okay guys, this is one of the best creams ever! It smells absolutely divine! It contains rose otto oil so if you love the smell of roses I think you will love this cream! I use this at night as a special treat to help me relax and have happy thoughts right before going to bed. If I had to recommend one thing to buy from Calia I would say this for sure, it is such a beautiful cream.

A few drops of the sensuality oil into some almond oil and now I have myself a "perfume" :) The tranquility blend is a great addition to my night time routine.
I think both the tranquility and sensuality blends would be really nice in this massage oil but for now I will leave it unscented.

Let me know if you have ever tried any Calia products down in the comments! :)

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