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Hair tip: Brushes with wooden bristles help keep hair healthy. This is because the wooden bristles help absorb your hairs natural oils and distributes them evenly down to the ends, where hair tends to be drier.
Other benefits:
-The sturdy and rounded bristles give a great scalp massage too! This improves circulation in your scalp which means faster hair growth.
-Wooden bristles prevent hair static.
-Brush glides through the hair very easily, preventing hair breakage.
-I think they look so much cooler! ;D

Mine is made of 100% bamboo wood, a very sustainable resource because it grows rapidly. I also think bamboo brushes are very affordable. I found mine on Ebay and paid around $11 but I have seen them on Amazon as well. Bamboo is not the only wood used and I think that eventually I'd like to buy one made from maple wood. I read that German and Italian made brushes are really high quality so I would love to find one of those but for now I love my bamboo brush!!

I would love to know what kind of hair brush you guys use or if you use a wooden bristle brush already?


  1. I am using a boar bristle brush and I feel like it is really working well, but after this I might have to give a wooden brush a try : )
    Céline blogging on

    1. You should! I reallly love my brush because it goes through my hair so easily and it feels really nice on my scalp :)


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