Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper


I have been searching for the perfect natural deodorant for quite some time now. I've tried a few including Tom's, crystal rock deo, liquid crystal deo, and a few homemade versions but they either didn't work for me or gave me a horrible itchy rash. Then I came across Schmidt's and their overwhelmingly positive reviews so I ordered their Cedarwood+Juniper deodorant right away. I received it in the mail this week and let me just say that it smells amazing!
shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter, himalayan cedar essential oil, vitamin E, juniper essential oil, and hop extract.

 The consistency is really creamy too, which i love! It comes with a little spatula and then you warm it up between your fingers and it applies very easily.
Unfortunately, on the second day of wearing this I noticed red patches in my armpits due to the baking soda. I stopped using it and have been applying coconut oil to get rid of the itchiness and redness. I read online that baking soda's pH is much different than our skin's so that can cause problems like rashes in some people. I would totally recommend trying this deodorant out if you're not sensitive to baking soda though because it smells really good. search for a natural deodorant continues...

Update: I wear this deo occasionally because I love the way it smells and I found a little trick to get less irritation I rub on a layer of coconut oil & roman chamomile essential oil first then I put a small amount of this deodorant on.

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