Inner Peace Flower Elixir


 I've had Lotus Wei on my wishlist since last year and I'm so happy that I'm finally trying some of their stuff! So my first product from them is this Inner Peace Flower Elixir. It contains the flower essences of Arctic Lupine, Silk Floss, Mountain Laurel, Hibiscus, Lotus, and the gem essence of Emerald.
It's supposed to help with:

  • high levels of stress & overwhelm
  • feeling a lack of support
  • anxiety, nervousness, fear, lack of confidence, & nervous about public speaking
So that you can experience:

  • peacefulness & confidence
  • strength during times of high stress

I take it to help relax and calm my mind when I'm stressing out over school and right before bed to help me unwind. I place 5 drops under my tongue several times throughout the day(whenever I remember) and I can honestly say I feel more calm and at peace after taking it. It may all just be in my head but either way I'm excited to track my progress. Anddd I just ordered one of their energy mists which I can't wait to receive!! Have you tried anything from Lotus Wei? If so, what did you try and how did you like it?

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