Yesterday & today


 I meant to post the first half of this post yesterday but I didn't have time to so now its two in one!
 My addiction: Chocolate covered pretzels. I've been craving for these for a while and I just found them at the store! I was beginning to think no one sold them but I was obviously looking in the wrong places! haha

What I wore: shirt H&M// shorts Forever 21. 

 Sweater H&M / Shorts cut them myself :D

  I woke up from a nap a moment ago, just in time for PLL! But first I wanted to quickly update my blog. I'm not a fan of naps but I woke up way too early today so therefore I needed it to keep me going haha. Today I went to the post office to mail my first ebay sale!! This was really exciting for me as I didn't expect any of my things to sell! Good night everyone! xx

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