Loving Right Now: Mini Bags


One trend that I don't see myself getting over anytime soon is the mini bag. I mean who wants to be weighed down by a huge bag filled with unnecessary stuff anyway? Not me! Keys, cards, phone, and lipgloss is all I truly need. Plus, they're much more affordable than their full-sized counterparts.

Last year I completely fell in love with the Dionysus GG Supreme super mini bag from Gucci. Let me just say that it's more like an overpriced and super cute wallet on a chain but still, I'm o b s e s s e d! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it but now I also really love the GG Marmont super mini bag. This one is just like the Dionysus super mini except it's a little more spacious since it's made out of leather so the material has more give to it and less structure. Which one do you like better?? Lmk because I can't decide.

All photos are found from Pinterest.

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