5 Beauty Products Under $10 You Need (life changing)


5 life changing beauty products under $10

I know the title of this post is a little dramatic but trust me guys these products are worth GOLD. Some of these I rarely hear people talk about and they are too good not to share, especially when you can find these products for under $10.

First up is my beloved Essence Lash Princess mascara. This is some good stuff, so good that it's always out of stock at my local Ulta (I also got one of my friends hooked on it). It's only $4.99 and gives me the lashes of my dreams: separated, long, still touchable, with a hint of volume. It also washes off easily, a must for me (nothing worse than a mascara that doesn't want to come off!!). If you go look for it in the store just remember it's the one in the black bottle with green writing - they have a purple and orange one too. 

5 life changing beauty products under $10
Next is my Sephora Collection #lipstories Lipstick. I have the shade matinee and it's a dusty, rose red. No one likes a lipstick that tugs along your lips as you're putting it on. This one is the complete opposite. It's SO creamy and glides on like a dream and the best part? It's only $8!! Go ahead and grab a few, you'll love them.

5 life changing beauty products under $10
Up next is the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder. My go-to before this was the Rimmel stay matte powder (been using it since high school!) but I always wondered why my concealer always creased and never look as good as it could. Who would've thought this powder was the solution to all my problems... seriously. I dip THIS BRUSH (also under $10) into the powder to set my under eyes and t-zone and it works like magic. I don't know how I lived before this stuff.

5 life changing beauty products under $10
We can't forget the setting mist! After dusting my face with setting powder I love going in with the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray to melt the makeup into my skin and get rid of the powdery finish. Tip: Mist around the perimeter of your face to give your skin a glow in all the right spots.

5 life changing beauty products under $10
My last pick is the Acure Blue Tansy Night Oil. I picked it up at TJMaxx for only $6. If you can't find it there then you can get it at Target for $12 - still an amazing buy. It's a pale blue color in the bottle but comes out clear.  I live for face oils so I've tried a ton and believe it or not, not all oils are equally as moisturizing. This feels like a drink of water for my skin and ensures I wake up with a perfectly soft and moisturized face. I've read that it's a dupe for THIS oil - I always hear amazing things about that brand so I need to try it soon and let you guys know how they compare.  

Let me know if you guys have tried or will be trying any of these! 

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