Ouai Sun of a Beach Spray on Dark Hair


ouai sun of a beach ombre spray review

When I saw the Ouai sun of a beach ombre spray all over instagram I knew I had to get my hands on it asap. Its lemon, pineapple and coconut water formula claims to give you natural sunkissed highlights after spending some time under the sun. Blonde hair lightens 2-4 shades and dark hair lightens to a coppery bronze. Say no more! I ran to my nearest Sephora to get myself a bottle of this magical coconut ombre spray. It's $24 for 4.7 oz and you can purchase a bottle for yourself here

I had read reviews that this product was sticky so it's best to apply it onto damp hair but I ignored those and sprayed it onto my already dry and styled hair. It's definitely sticky and leaves your hair with a beachy texture if that makes sense. But I quickly learned that I love it best sprayed onto my hair before I style it with my hot tools. The sticky texture helps keep my waves in all day and is no longer sticky after I'm done styling. I also give my final look a small spritz for added texture. Then I  head out for some fun in the sun. Something I didn't expect was for this spray to make my hair SO soft. I think the softness comes from using it with hot tools. As far as lightening my hair, I've used a third of the bottle and it's very minimal and barely noticeable (it is a lot more noticeable in person though). I tend to spray it on the front pieces of my hair the most and that's where I've noticed a few subtle bronze strands. 

ouai sun of a beach spray dark hair review

ouai sun of a beach ombre spray review dark hair

Is it worth it? I would say yes if you already have blonde or light brown hair. If you have dark brown hair like I do and want a noticeable change then you're better off going to the salon. If subtle is more your thing, you spend a lot of time under the sun and don't mind paying $24 then this is worth a shot. I personally ended up loving it for how soft it makes my hair and it holds my waves in all day. Would I repurchase? Maybe, I'll decide once I finish this bottle.😉

I didn't see many reviews on this product when I was looking to buy it so if I could help any brunette babes out there then I did my job. Thanks for reading! xx

ouai sun of a beach spray review brunette

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