Grana Silk Cami Review #2


grana silk cami review and coupon code

Silk camis are a year-round staple in my wardrobe so I need some that will last. I've found some of the best for the price from Grana. That's why I've decided to come back with review #2 on their silk camis.  Back in July, I wrote a review to help out anyone looking to buy from them. It's been one of my most popular posts so I know you guys are curious about their stuff. 

I placed an order for two more camis back in November. I got another one of their v-neck camis because I love the way they fit. The only difference is that I sized down from an XS to XXS and the fit is so much better! I also bought their round neck cami - I got XS in that one and it fits perfectly. 

V-Neck Cami ($49)
- fully lined 
-silk is smooth and very 'silky'
- runs slightly large - I recommend sizing down

Round Neck Cami ($45)
- fits true to size
- only top half of the shirt is lined (on their website it says light colors are fully lined and dark colors are lined to the bust)
- very soft 'crepe de chine' silk

Care Tips
I wash all my silk camis by hand in the sink. I use cool water and a mild detergent (this is the one I use). I also like to use a tiny bit of white vinegar when I rinse them. I try to press all the water out then I lay them flat on a towel to dry. In between wears, I like using my steamer to freshen them up and get any wrinkles out. 

Also, a little tip that has been super helpful when I get oil stains in my camis is to use corn starch on the oil spot! My powder dry shampoo also works wonderfully for this.... sometimes you just gotta get resourceful haha! What I'll do is cover the spot in the powder, rub it in, and let it sit for a few minutes/hours. Then just dust it off/rub it off and it usually does the trick. This works wonderfully on light colored silks but may not be that great on dark colors. 

It's pretty quick considering it comes all the way from Hong Kong. 

grana silk cami review

All in all, I love Grana's silk camis and I'm definitely going to try more from them. I noticed they carry black skinny jeans now and they're only $59! I might have to try them. Let me know if you enjoy these Grana reviews and I'll keep doing them for you all. Just leave a comment letting me know what you'd want me to review from them next!

One more thing, you can get 10% off your first order if you use my referral link, HERE
Happy shopping babes! Xx

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