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The Chloe Faye has been seen on stylish ladies everywhere for a few years now. I think it came out around 2015? Not sure but it's been hot for a while. I only recently started reallly loving it and contemplating buying the mini backpack version. The motty grey color is absolutely beautiful and I have a thing for mini designer bags - they are just too adorable! I quickly snapped out of it though and came to the realization that while I think it's totally worth the money, I could do a lot better things with almost 2 grand. 

I totally forgot about the Chloe Faye that was until I was browsing the H&M website and saw this beauty. I think it has just enough similarities but doesn't look like an exact copy which I love. If I get it (and I think I will) I'm buying it in light brown but they also love it in black, in case you're a black handbag only kinda girl. They also have this bag and this one that looks inspired by Chloe too. I haven't been shopping at H&M lately but they have so many good things in right now. RIP to my bank account haha

Okay, guys, I wanna hear your thoughts! Are you over the Chloe Faye or still loving it?

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