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Yesterday over on my instagram I shared 5 beauty products I can't live without. I was inspired by Byrdie. I love their content and they do a segment on youtube where celebrities/makeup artists share just 5 things they love, so here is my take.

My daily beauty look requires a fresh & moisturized base, a hint of foundation to cover up imperfections and scarring, filled in brows, long voluminous lashes, and soft, moisturized lips.

1. MAYBELLINE lash sensational mascara
This has been my go-to mascara for years! It's super affordable and does a great job at giving my lashes tons of volume while still keeping them nice and separated.

2. ELF COSMETICS brow pencil
If you've never tried this eye brow pencil you need to! It's only $2 so even if you don't end up liking it you won't be upset. But if you end up loving it then you'll be saving tons of $$ because we all know how quickly our brow pencils run out.

3. VASELINE lip therapy in pink bubbly
This lip balm moisturizes my lips so well and smells like roses! If you love rose scented products give this a try!

4. THE ORDINARY serum foundation
I placed an order on Deceim's website in January and have been trying out and loving their products since. I love how affordable this foundation is and how lightweight it feels. It's a serum foundation so it's very fluid and looks very natural which I love.

5. CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturizing lotion
I bought my first bottle of this moisturizer a year ago and I just had to repurchase it. It just works. I haven't had to deal with dry patches ever since switching over to this. I like using it at nights and in the mornings. It creates the perfect moisturized base before applying foundation.

What are 5 products you can't live without? Create a blog post of your own and leave the link in the comments or just tell me down below! :)

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  1. Love this post, always nice to know what others essentials are!



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