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Happy Friday guys! I thought I'd start off the weekend by sharing some of my skin care must-haves! I use these four products almost daily to help keep my skin looking it's best. I've been using all but one of these products for months now and they've worked wonders on my skin. Scroll down to find out which products made my top 4 list! 

peter thomas roth pumpkin enzyme mask review
First, let me start off by saying that this mask smells like a delicious slice of pumpkin pie! It smells SO good and it's actually perfect for autumn! This mask helps to gradually get rid of all my dead skin cells and leaves me with glowing skin! I also think it's helped a lot with my acne scars!

ole henriksen wonderfeel double cleanser review
I only started using this cleanser about 3 weeks ago but it has quickly become my go-to for taking off my makeup every night. I still love this one and this one but right now the scent of the wonderfeel double cleanser has me hooked! It comes out as a cream and it transforms into an oil as you massage it into your face. It's perfect for those of us with dry skin! The first time I used it I was so disappointed because it didn't remove any of my makeup but I gave it a second chance and loooove it now! My tip: don't get your face wet before massaging it on, apply it straight to your dry skin. 

avene retrinal 0.1 cream review
This is a really great cream! It goes on so smooth and I hardly notice any dryness from it. I'm only 23 so I don't have wrinkles really, but I think this has helped my complexion look brighter and plumper. I think the sooner you start protecting your skin from wrinkles the better. Also, I make sure to use SPF when using this product since it can make your face extra sensitive to sun exposure. 

clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion review
This face lotion is amazing! Last year I was struggling with dry flaky skin and I couldn't seem to find anything that actually helped until I tried this! It absorbs so easily and doesn't leave a greasy feeling behind which I love. It's perfect for night time but it works wonderfully in the mornings as a base for my makeup too! I want to try this moisturizer next - I've read so many good things about it! 

That's all for today loves! Do we share any favorites? Also, leave me a comment letting me know your favorite moisturizer! :)


  1. This 4 Skincare Loves is really amazing.I am looking for the best skin care products for my face.Please re comment some skin whiting cream for summer?

  2. Really love your flatlays dear. You make adorable photos. I've head about pumpkin enzyme mask before, would love to try that soon.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thanks love! It's really good! Give it a try and let me know what you think! :)


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