Summer Trend: Skorts

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It looks like skorts have decided to make a comeback this summer. I've been seeing them everywhere!! Zara is always my to go when looking for trendy pieces like this. So that's exactly where I headed to find the perfect one. The one thing that you must keep in mind when shopping at Zara is that styles sell out super fast! SO when you see something you like in your size you better put it in your cart and buy it immediately! 

I've rounded up some of my favorite skorts, shorts and skirts from the Zara website and linked them for you all to shop. I also added a few more options that aren't from Zara in the widget above. I'd love to know which number is your favorite!! Mine is number 3! And what are your thoughts on skorts? Will you be wearing them this summer?

UPDATE: The Zara summer sale started today and almost all of the items I included are in the sale!!! 

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  1. What a lovely trend for summer! I am crushing on those yellow and faux leather skort picks!

    Jessica |

    1. Right!? I love that yellow and the best part is that most are included in Zara's summer sale!


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