My Best Secrets to Getting Clear Skin


secrets to getting clear skin

I love sharing my tips with you all so today I wanted to show you two of my favorite products to help get rid of stubborn pimples - even the really painful ones that seem to be under the skin! But first, I want to begin by saying that these aren't miracle products and the most important factor for getting clear skin is a healthy & balanced diet.

This stuff is an amazing spot treatment! What stood out to me about this product is the active ingredient: sulfur! Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral. It gets down into pimples and dries them up while also controlling sebum production to prevent new ones from forming. As soon as I see a pimple forming I use this stuff! I apply it before I go to bed so that it works its magic overnight. It does have a slight smell to it but nothing too overpowering.

secrets to getting clear skin

It's tinted but the color blends out well and you can always wear it under your foundation if it doesn't match your skin tone.

solaray skin capsules - secrets to getting clear skin

Now this is my number one secret to getting my skin cleared up! For at least a year I suffered from painful pimples along my cheek/hairline area. It seemed as though they lasted for weeks and when they finally disappeared they would leave a scar and then it would start over again. When I discovered this product on vitacost I had to give it a try.  Fast forward to about two weeks into me taking them every single day and I was already beginning to see a difference!

This is my second bottle of this stuff but now I only take it about once a week or even less than that! It completely cleared those stubborn pimples on my cheeks and I'm so grateful to have discovered it!

secrets to getting clear skin

I hope you all find these tips useful and let me know if you try any them! 

Another little tip: Sign up through this link to get $10 off your first purchase from Vitacost! 

Disclaimer: It goes without saying that you should always talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements and check to make sure that the ingredients don't interact with any medications you may already be taking. 

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