Peachy Pink


Happy Friday guys! Today I'm going to finish running some errands and then hang out with my love. Do you guys have any special plans for Memorial Day weekend? As for me, I will be staying in town because I work this weekend. That's okay for me though, it will give me some time to get started on a new book I just purchased (#GIRLBOSS). Have any of you read it? I heard it's really good so I'm looking forward to it :) I'm also looking forward to a package from h&m. I ordered two pairs of shorts but I don't know how they will fit since I don't own many bottoms from them. If they fit I'll do a mini try-on haul. Lets hope they arrive tomorrow before work (and they fit) so I won't be burning up and sweaty while I'm working. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Forever 21 top here (on sale!)
Topshop jeans here
Converse shoes here


  1. Perfect blouse. :)I wish you good luck with the shorts!


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