Shopping for Denim Shorts


Loved this color but decided I wanted to go for classic colors instead!

Loved this pair but they didn't have the size I was looking for...

This pair is just like the one above but a darker wash.

And finally, I found the pair I was looking for in my size! I just had to go to a different mall :)

I mentioned in my last post that I would show you the shorts I ordered so here they are. The first two are the ones I ordered and the last one I bought in-store. They ended up fitting nicely! Not too tight or loose. The only pair I was debating on returning for a smaller size was the 'boyfriend' pair but I ended up liking the loose and carefree style.

This one is my favorite without a doubt! I've been wearing them a lot, they were only 9.99, and I've already gotten compliments on them! :) Which one do you like the best? x

P.S. Outfit post coming next :)

Lace-up Dress & White Converse


I bought this dress a month ago and now that the weather has been so summery I decided to wear it today. It's light and easy to wear, my only complaint is that it's slightly see through. I wore my favorite parka from zara on top so I wouldn't be cold indoors. I paired it with my white converse and I was good to go. I love the look of dresses and sneakers! I didn't think I would get so much use out of my converse when I bought them but I love that they're white and I've been pairing them with everything. I'm also loving a different style of curls that I've been trying. It's not too different from when I would use my flat iron, just a little more defined. My last post here is my nautral hair with no products used on it in case your curious. And here's my hair with curls/waves done with my flat iron.

Rue 21 dress similar here, here, and here
Converse shoes here
Zara jacket
Fossil watch here (on sale!)

Peachy Pink


Happy Friday guys! Today I'm going to finish running some errands and then hang out with my love. Do you guys have any special plans for Memorial Day weekend? As for me, I will be staying in town because I work this weekend. That's okay for me though, it will give me some time to get started on a new book I just purchased (#GIRLBOSS). Have any of you read it? I heard it's really good so I'm looking forward to it :) I'm also looking forward to a package from h&m. I ordered two pairs of shorts but I don't know how they will fit since I don't own many bottoms from them. If they fit I'll do a mini try-on haul. Lets hope they arrive tomorrow before work (and they fit) so I won't be burning up and sweaty while I'm working. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Forever 21 top here (on sale!)
Topshop jeans here
Converse shoes here



Most of my weekend has been spent working but tomorrow I have a free day - that I will most likely spend doing absolutely nothing. As I'm writing this I'm in bed wrapped in my blankets, looking forward to (hopefully) sleeping in tomorrow because my sleep this week hasn't been the best. I'll have a new post up soon. Good night guys! x  

Ice cream weather


This past weekend I went downtown to my favorite little shop to enjoy some ice cream for the first time this year. It was actually so hot that my ice cream started melting and got all over my hand before I could even get halfway through it. Not only was it all over my hand but it dripped onto my shoes and pants... haha I felt like a little kid again!

Now the weather completely changed. It's rainy and chilly outside. But I won't complain too much because that means I can still wear knits/long sleeves, jeans, and sneakers ( my favorite combo) without feeling sweaty hahah :)

Feeling good


Right now I'm listening to music and thinking about how it's already May! I'm feeling inspired at the moment so I want to create a summer bucket list type thing. I think it will be fun to look back at by the end of summer and see what I accomplished. Maybe I could write a separate post about that on here. By the way, I listed some of my favorite songs at the end of this post.

Target top here
Topshop pants
Forever 21 shoes
Na-kd necklace

This is what you came for - Calvin Harris & Rihanna
Sound of your heart - Shawn Hook
Into you - Ariana Grande
La la land - DVBBS & Shaun Frank
Too good - Drake & Rihanna


Side Braid


You know those days when you wear something and halfway through the day you realize that it's way too hot to be wearing whatever it is you chose to wear? Well, it was one of those days for me yesterday. The sweater is made of cotton so it's very breathable however pairing it with pants was a total mistake! By the end of the day all I wanted to do was run home and take everything off. I think a cute pair of denim shorts would've balanced it out and kept me cool throughout the day. Now I'm just waiting to find the perfect shorts... I'll let you know when I find them :)

Forever 21 top similar here
Zara pants
Forever 21 shoes


My handbag essentials


The contents of my bag change every day depending on what I'm doing or what bag I'm using but here is an update on some of my essentials. 

1. My nexus 6p ♥ 2. sunglasses & eye glasses 3. perfume 4. lip gloss & lip balm 5. bobby pins 6. lotuswei infinite love mist ♥ 7. ginger candy 8. hand sanitizer 9. wallet & keys 10. agenda/notebook

 nyx butter gloss in creme brulee

What I wore to work


I quickly snapped these photos yesterday after getting home from work. I love wearing black jeans but lately they have been feeling too dark for me. It's been really hot and humid the last few days and black just makes me feel hotter haha not sure if that makes sense. I wore a long sleeve shirt with open shoulders so that I wouldn't be get cold but the shoulders balance it out so I'm not completely covered. And I felt my outfit looked really grey and boring so I added a super lightweight scarf to make it a bit more intersting. 

Zara jeans similar here Ross top this one is so cute! Converse shoes here  |Boutique bracelets |Target scarf

I tried some heatless curls on my hair a few nights ago and the results were okay. I used my flat iron to smooth out the hair that frames my face and left the rest on the messier side. I'm going to give it another try and see if I can make the curls look more defined. I think some hair mousse would work really well for this. Good night for now!