L'Oréal brow stylist definer first impression


I've never been into filling in my eyebrows, only occasionally I would take a dark brown eyeshadow and fill them in but recently that changed. I figured it was time to up my eyebrow game haha, plus I do have a scar that runs through my eyebrow that makes it look sparse. I had my mind set on the brow wiz by ABH but they have so many color options that it was hard to choose the right one online. Then I heard about the brow stylist definer by L'oreal which is less than half the price of the brow wiz so I went with that one instead. I believe they only have three color options. I went with brunette, however, I think I want to try dark brunette to see which one matches me better. 

My thoughts so far: It is very easy to use and I love that they included a spoolie on the end because it makes it so easy to blend the color out. 

Do you guys have a favorite eyebrow product?

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