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Today I tried a DIY natural eyeliner recipe and I'm here to share my results with you guys. I made a natural mascara a few years back but this way so much easier. Let's move on to the recipe and then I'll tell you my thoughts at the end. 

You'll need:
- a small container
- activated charcoal
- coconut oil
- a mixing tool ( I used the end of my eyeliner brush)

* Extras: I added cacao powder to make it smell slightly chocolatey - you could use more cacao if you'd like a brown eyeliner too.

I used 3 activated charcoal capsules, a pinch of cacao powder, and about half a teaspoon of coconut oil. I mixed it all up with the end of my eyeliner brush and the warmth of my hands helped melt down the coconut oil so everything blended nicely.

 ^( 2 activated charcoal capsules and no cacao)
 ^( 3 activated charcoal capsules and cacao)

My final thoughts: I loved the addition of cacao because my eyeliner now smells like chocolate and coconuts - yum! The eyeliner went on nicely but it wasn't as dark as I'd like it to be with one swipe so I would have to go back to add another layer (the darkness also depends on the coconut oil to charcoal ratio). It gave my eyes a really nice smokey eyeliner effect but it was also a little smudgy. I will continue using it because I like the smokey eyeliner look and the fact that I made it at home is so cool but it definitely doesn't have the staying power of a store-bought eyeliner.

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