glowing skin


My key products for glowing skin during the hotter months are a luminous highlighter, mascara, and coral-pink blushes. It's even better when you have multitasking products! Two of my favorite multi-use products are from Josie Maran- the coconut watercolor cheek gelee in 'poppy paradise' and the argan illuminzer. I used the blush on my cheeks as well as on my lips for a beautiful flushed look. As for the illuminzer, I used it on my cheekbones, nose, and on my eyelids for an all over glow.

Do you guys own any of these products and what's your thoughts on them?

blacked out


All black combos... for those days when you want to put something on quickly without thinking too much. It was that kind of day for me yesterday and I had ten minutes to get dressed so this is what I wore. There's not much to it but I have to say that I loved pairing an oversized sweatshirt with leather pants. You can always make it more interesting with a sweatshirt that has a cute saying or cool design - I've linked some down below - or layering on some jewelry.

Have a lovely day guys! x                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Zara pants - similar here
Vans shoes - here
Hanes oversized sweatshirt - here or similar here and here

shorts weather


Shorts weather is finally here and now I just need to find myself a few more pairs... Or I can make my own! I love cutting pants and turning them into distressed shorts that way they look the way I want and aren't too short. Note to self: Go thrifting for cool pairs of pants to turn into shorts. I think spring is my second favorite season mostly because that's when nature reminds you how beautiful it is with its bright flowers and blossoming trees.

How about you guys, is it warm enough for shorts where you live?

matte gold


nexus 6p matte gold

Goodbye nexus 5, hello nexus 6p! I've finally upgraded phones and I'm so happy about my choice. I decided to stick to the nexus family because I loved my last one but the battery life just wasn't working for me anymore. I'm in love with this one already! My favorite things so far are the fingerprint sensor, battery life, faster charging, bigger screen, camera - I especially love the front facing camera, and the subtle gold color. Any other nexus lovers out there?

Maybe I'll do a what's on my phone next?... But for now good night and I'll talk to you guys soon! xo

nexus 6p matte gold

nexus 6p matte gold

nexus 6p matte gold fingerprint sensor

Speck CandyShell Grip Case for Nexus 6P

L'Oréal brow stylist definer first impression


I've never been into filling in my eyebrows, only occasionally I would take a dark brown eyeshadow and fill them in but recently that changed. I figured it was time to up my eyebrow game haha, plus I do have a scar that runs through my eyebrow that makes it look sparse. I had my mind set on the brow wiz by ABH but they have so many color options that it was hard to choose the right one online. Then I heard about the brow stylist definer by L'oreal which is less than half the price of the brow wiz so I went with that one instead. I believe they only have three color options. I went with brunette, however, I think I want to try dark brunette to see which one matches me better. 

My thoughts so far: It is very easy to use and I love that they included a spoolie on the end because it makes it so easy to blend the color out. 

Do you guys have a favorite eyebrow product?

coral knit and leather pants


Finally, a new outfit to show you guys! I wore this coral knit that I mentioned about a month ago with leather pants and my favorite espadrilles from last summer. I'm so happy about the weather we're having right now: all week it's supposed to be in the 70's. This means I can wear sandals again, no jackets, and I won't be freezing when I'm taking my outfit photos...haha.

H&M sweater here
Zara pants
Forever 21 shoes similar here and here, love these
Forever 21 sunglasses here

DIY activated charcoal eyeliner


Today I tried a DIY natural eyeliner recipe and I'm here to share my results with you guys. I made a natural mascara a few years back but this way so much easier. Let's move on to the recipe and then I'll tell you my thoughts at the end. 

You'll need:
- a small container
- activated charcoal
- coconut oil
- a mixing tool ( I used the end of my eyeliner brush)

* Extras: I added cacao powder to make it smell slightly chocolatey - you could use more cacao if you'd like a brown eyeliner too.

I used 3 activated charcoal capsules, a pinch of cacao powder, and about half a teaspoon of coconut oil. I mixed it all up with the end of my eyeliner brush and the warmth of my hands helped melt down the coconut oil so everything blended nicely.

 ^( 2 activated charcoal capsules and no cacao)
 ^( 3 activated charcoal capsules and cacao)

My final thoughts: I loved the addition of cacao because my eyeliner now smells like chocolate and coconuts - yum! The eyeliner went on nicely but it wasn't as dark as I'd like it to be with one swipe so I would have to go back to add another layer (the darkness also depends on the coconut oil to charcoal ratio). It gave my eyes a really nice smokey eyeliner effect but it was also a little smudgy. I will continue using it because I like the smokey eyeliner look and the fact that I made it at home is so cool but it definitely doesn't have the staying power of a store-bought eyeliner.

Current Inspo


Flowers, strawberries, roses, rose water, ice cream, sun kissed skin, beachy hair, calm ocean waves, sunglasses, pink, dog kisses, reading, peacefulness, gold jewelry, dainty rings, and bright nails. 

You might be thinking you've seen some of these pictures already and that's because you probably have. They're mostly from my summer '15 album on my computer. I've been looking through all of my old pictures - something I LOVE doing from time to time. Pictures are so important and special to me because they carry with them so many memories and feelings. It allows me to hang on to moments for more than just a few seconds or minutes. That may be why I'm always snapping pictures of everything.