gold glitter and heart nails


valentines day nail art look gold glitter and hearts

Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to wear cute heart studs on my nails. I came up with this nail look today and I wanted to show you guys how I did it. Let's get started with this mini tutorial :)

essie nail polish in hello kitty mug
essie nail polish peak show
 ♥  To start off I picked my favorite pink polish called 'peak show' - two coats

essie peak show with gold heart studs

♥  Then I placed a tiny drop of the top coat I used on the spot where I wanted the heart stud to act as 'glue' and stuck it on there 

essie peak show with gold nail art studs

♥  The nail art studs are from ebay in case anyone is wondering

gold glitter
pink and gold glitter nail look

♥  I added a coat of clear polish on my ring finger and immediately sprinkled on the gold glitter. This would be a lot easier (and not as messy- glitter loves to stick on everything!) if I had a gold glitter polish. As that nail dried I pressed onto the glitter lightly with my finger so that the glitter would stick better.

hello kitty nail polish holder
don't gamble with my heart bando planner

♥  I added a clear coat over all of the nails and voila!

valentines day be mine

What do you guys think of this nail look?


  1. The nail art is adorable :Dx

  2. K your manicure is AMAZEEEEEE. Come do my nails please. ;)



  3. These are so pretty! I wish I had such patience & skill!


  4. I absolutely love this your nails look amazing! And a really helpful talk through of how to create it. I'm trying to decide what to do with my nails at the moment as I love doing some Valentines related. I've just broke a couple of nails which is going to make it harder but never mind. Your photos are really beautiful too. Katie xx


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