February thoughts


The weather here has left me feeling so uninspired these last few days. That explains why I haven't been very active this past weekend. However, I'm determined to make the best of it so starting this week I want to change up my schedule and do things differently. One of the things I'm contemplating is getting a gym membership. Naturally I want to avoid gyms because I feel like they would be overcrowded (at home workouts is more my thing) but this might be a good change.

Here you can see my beautiful new necklace I mentioned already in my last post. This will go so great with light, airy summer clothing. It's from na-kd, you can view it here

This is what the weather looks like right now: icy, wet, and cold. I took these right before it got completely dark outside today.

Favorite songs right now:
♪ rihanna and drake - work
♪ zayn - pillowtalk


  1. Wow the necklace is beautiful on you. I wanted to buy it but it's expensive for me ! I love the new Zayn's song but I don't really like the song Work by Rihanna ^^' :**

    1. Aw, thank you! <3 The song work is just so catchy and I love drake but it's one of those songs that I can see myself getting tired of quickly haha :)


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