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I have a few things I loved using throughout October that I thought were worth mentioning here. I meant to write this yesterday, but the lighting was not the best so I decided to postpone the picture taking for today, Sunday, and there has been absolutely no sunshine- just clouds and rain! It's so funny to me that I assumed today would be much better, but it actually turned out worse. Nonetheless, that didn't stop me from taking pictures :)

Topshop leigh jeans
I finally gave in and splurged on these jeans that so many people seem to love. And guess what, they're so worth it!

♥ Vans slip-on sneakers
Black, leather, simple, comfy, and go with everything! Why did I wait this long to purchase a pair of slip-on sneakers?

Canon camera
This has been my favorite since I bought it in September. I find myself making up reasons as to why I need to take it with me everywhere (because I have to document my entire life through pictures, duh!) but then I remember it doesn't fit in my purse so I leave it at home hah!

Real techniques makeup brushes
These are so soft and I've found a use for each of them in my super simple makeup routine. Small flat one to strategically place concealer on my undereye shadows. Big fluffy one for smoothing out the concealer and applying foundation. Smaller fluffy one for applying just the right amount of blush.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - Elizabeth Gilbert
I'm not much of a book person, I mean I'm still on page 26 of a book I began reading at the start of October (or wait, was it September?! hah) but this book was interesting. It opened my mind to new ways of thinking that will hopefully stick with me when thinking about my future, creativity, and everyday things.

Starbucks hot chocolate mix
Cold weather fall weather and hot chocolate are the perfect combination. I know it's gonna be a good day when I have time to make a cup of hot chocolate in the mornings before class :)

I think these types of post will be fun to write whenever I collect enough fashion/beauty/misc. items that I really love so, not a monthly thing but perhaps a few times a year! :)



  1. Thank you for the lovely comment, dear! :)
    I really sorry that I couldn't take proper pictures of this look. Anyway, thank you again!
    By the way I really like these sneakers!


    1. No problem :) Thank you for commenting Desislava! xx


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