Fall Things I'm Happy About


I woke up today to a very rainy and gloomy day and I want to stay in bed all day but, unfortunately, I have loads of homework and a messy room that needs to be cleaned. To cheer my mood up, I'm listening to my October playlist and reminding myself that I have two days free from class next week!   

Oh yeah, and here are a few things that make me look forward to and be happy about the cooler months ahead. 
1. Deep red nails. I love red nails year-round but darker + plum tones are perfect for cold weather!
2. Obviously, taking pictures of leaves.... I'm clearly obsessed :)
3. Keeping my neck warm in my favorite scarves and collecting new ones, of course! (I have my eye on a few from Target)
4. Favorite jacket with faux fur hood. 
5. Super moisturizing creams. Even better if it smells amazing so it can uplift your mood :)
6. Eucalyptus essential oil is perfect for winter! It works wonders on those days when you feel like you're catching a cold or have a stuffy nose.
7. Reading more. I think that's what rainy days were made for anyways, right?

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