In the mornings when getting dressed all I want to reach for are my cozy sweaters, warm scarves, and boots. Then I check the weather on my phone to make sure I won't be burning up by the end of the day and I see that the high is in the 80s....for the rest of the week. So I put my warm clothes back in the closet and decide on something less autumn-y. 

So since I can't wear these things at the moment, I made a fall basics wishlist. I would combine all of the pieces above and I can already picture myself stepping on crunchy autumn leaves as I'm walking down the city streets sipping on a hot chai latte...with a big smile on my face. haha!

On my fall basics wishlist:
1. Light sweaters in neutral colors that I can layer easily. Above from Zara here.
2. Suede boots in black with a low heel that are comfortable to wear all day. These are too expensive for me but a girl can dream! Above from Acne here.
3. Leather pants to switch up from regular black jeans. I love all of the zippers and details on the knee! Above from Zara here.
4. Dark plum nail polish. This one is from Essie's fall15 collection in the color "in the lobby." Above from Essie here.
5. Big wool blanket scarf in neutral colors. My neck can never be without a big warm scarf in the fall and winter so this would be perfect! I'll be on the lookout for a cheaper alternative to this one.  Above from Acne here.
6. Large tote bag that can fit all my necessities...a big blanket scarf, laptop, phone, etc. Above from Zara here.

Anyone else excited for fall as much as I am?


  1. Great selection! Especially for fall I am a huge fan of non-colors like grey, black and beige. I am soo looking forward to being able to wear all these cozy warm clothes but here in Texas it is still incredibly hot.
    ♡ Kristina

    1. Thank you Kristina! Hopefully it starts getting chillier where you live soon! :)


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