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MyChelle Concealer Cream Christopher Drummond Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer
Concealer is a must-have makeup product for me. I have really bad undereye circles, like really bad. So I always like wearing at least a little dab of concealer if I'm going out anywhere to help me look a little more alive and not looking like a zombie.

My favorites are the MyChelle concealer in cream and the Christopher Drummond Duo-Phase Hydrating Concealer in light, I kinda think it's a little too light for me though. The MyChelle is lightweight, creamy, smells delicious, and blends easily. This is my go-to everyday concealer because it covers enough to brighten my eyes but still looks natural. iHerb and Vitacost are out of stock right now but you can get it directly from their website here. The Christopher Drummond is medium-full coverage, a little goes a long way, and really brightens my undereye area. I couldn't find the CD beauty website but you can find the concealer on amazon here. I love to put on a thin layer of the MyChelle then put a layer of Christopher Drummond and finish off with another thin layer of the Mychelle, it sounds like a lot but it isn't and I love the finished look.
MyChelle Concealer Cream
Christopher Drummond Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer
 Left: Duo-Phase Hydrating Concealer Right: Mychelle Concealer

The CD leaves a brighter look(left) and the MC blends in really well and looks very natural (right)
What's your favorite concealer, whether it's natural or not, I'd love to know! :) Are there any you'd like to try? I have always wanted to try Nars radiant creamy concealer. 

Update: I did a little more searching and found that Christopher Drummond Beauty rebranded and they are now called Hynt Beauty so you can find their rebranded concealer here


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