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pacifica natural beauty
I have to tell you guys about two new Pacifica products that I'm in love with. I received them last month and I've been using them ever since. But before I go on to my thoughts let's just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful box ;D I will be reusing it for sure! All of their packaging is beautiful by the way.
Pacifica underarm deodorant wipes
Deodorant wipes... sounds cool doesn't it? I was beyond excited to try these out because a natural deodorant is something I've struggled to find. So the packaging says that you can use it as deodorant or whenever you need to freshen up. I tried it out as deodorant one day and it worked okay but what I really loved it for is to freshen my underarms when I've been working out/jogging. The timing for these was perfect because the weather just got warmer and I have been spending more time outside at the park in between classes. The smell is fresh, light, and summery so it's not too overpowering.
pacifica makeup removing wipes jasmine and coconut water
These makeup removing wipes came in the package as well and I really like the smell of these. It's floral, sweet, and fresh, maybe it's the jasmine. I found them to be really gentle and the perfect addition to my bedtime routine. Before these I just used some black soap to remove my makeup and it didn't always wash all of it off, so now the two of these combined is the perfect combination.

You can find the deodorant wipes and makeup wipes exclusively at Ulta. Thank you Pacifica for letting me try these out!

By the way, the thing I love the most about their products is that they're formulated without sulfates, SLS, parabens, phthalates, and petroleum. Next thing I want to try is their nail polish. Have you guys tried any beauty products from Pacifica?
pacifica natural beauty

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