Moisturizing Hair Masque


 Shea moisture is THE brand to try if you have dry/curly/wavy hair. I discovered their manuka honey+mafura oil shampoo at Target recently and I'm in love with the results I've seen on my hair. It used to be the kind of hair that never seems to get moisturized and is always on the dry side. BUT, not anymore(I don't use conditioner either)! My hair feels really soft and possibly less frizzy. I believe some of the softness has been thanks to their jamaican black castor oil hair masque too.

The hair masque is really thick (probably great for really thick/ethnic/tight curl hair) so I only use a little bit for my ends. The smells is not pleasant for me at all, it might be how black castor oil smells? But besides that it works really well!

In these pictures I rubbed some of the masque onto my ends and oil into my scalp.
Tip: Scalp massages+castor oil are good for growing out hair.

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